Welcome to Ottobock

Ottobock is a worldwide leading provider of cutting-edge medical products and services, specialising in the field of prosthetic and orthotic solutions. For 100 years, we have commited ourselves to a challenging mission: Helping people regain their mobility, independence and a maximum quality of life.

Live Fitness Workouts

Welcome to our fitness workouts! In March 2020 we were all surprised with a new reality and a new everyday life. We could no longer train with our physios or in a fitness studio, but had to maintain our fitness at home.


Information on COVID-19

We are guided by our mission of helping people maintain or regain their freedom of movement – and this is especially true now, as the coronavirus pandemic is challenging all of us in ways we’ve never experienced before.


Our PatientCare centers

Private atmosphere, caring and motivated teams and completely equipped therapeutic facilities - our Patient Care Centers offer you a comfortable stay on the way to enhanced mobibilty.


Living with an amputation

You find yourself in a new situation after an amputation. The most important goal of your entire treatment, from surgery to rehabilitation, to the fitting of your prosthesis, is to help you attain the most function and mobility possible, so you can lead an active life


Clinical symptoms & rehabilitation

There are many types of condition that may affect your body, with many types of symptoms. Take a look at our conditions page to see how we can help you.


Are you a physician or orthopaedic technician?

If so, visit our website for professionals to find comprehensive information about education, planning & equipping and service fabrication.