Service Fabrication: individual, customised fittings

The measure of all things: optimum fittings for your patients
The welfare of your patients is the focus of your work. However, fulfilling every wish efficiently is not always possible with your own resources. This is where Ottobock Service Fabrication comes in as your competent service provider.

Improved fitting quality
Our specialists are your expert outsourcing team for challenging production tasks and serve as an "extended workbench" for you. Without having to invest in expensive machinery and special tools, you can offer modern fittings with SiOCX socket systems made from carbon prepeg and silicone or (partial) silicone prostheses for lower and upper limb fittings. Apart from this, you save time and money by outsourcing the production of your check sockets to us.

We fabricate according to your guidelines
We fabricate the desired product exactly according to your specifications and requirements – after all, nobody knows your customers as well as you do. You, together with your user, define the degree of customisation of, for example, silicone partial hand prostheses, silicone finger prostheses as well as silicone covers and liners. Another benefit for you: Contract work means faster delivery times and defined deadlines. This will give you a high level of planning security. Outsourced production also allows you more time to fit more users.

Our expertise is your advantage
You process the entire order with your patients. You become the technically knowledgeable health professional, leaving a positive and lasting impression. To make sure that this does not change, we evolve continuously: We test new materials and invest in modern technology including the technical expertise of our employees, and continuously optimise the efficiency of our workflow. With one objective: improved performance for you and your patients.

Our service portfolio
Ottobock Service Fabrication manufactures the following products for you – perfectly in accordance with your individual specifications:


Prosthetics – lower limb

  • SiOCX TF socket system
  • TT und TF Design check sockets
  • Silicone toe prosthesis
  • Silicone partial foot prosthesis
  • Custom silicone cover for lower limb prostheses
  • Custom liner made of polyurethane, silicone or silicone gel
  • Preparing copies of a prosthetic socket (also in wood)
  • Finishing with SuperSkin

Prosthetics – upper limbs

  • SiOCX TR socket system
  • SiOCX TH socket system
  • TR Design check sockets
  • Silicone partial hand prosthesis
  • Silicone finger prosthesis
  • Custom silicone cover for passive hand prosthesis
  • Custom silicone liners


  • Custom Freewalk orthoses
  • Malmö orthoses (prepeg)
  • Custom silicone orthoses
  • Aqualine orthotic system
  • C-Brace

Mobility Solutions

  • Seating systems


  • customised fabrication of high quality products
  • being an active part of the whole production process
  • fast delivery times
  • a high degree of planning reliability
  • saving high investment costs
  • leaving a positive and lasting impression on your patients
  • continuous advancement and optimisation of materials and technologies


In many cases, a few pieces of information are all we require for fabrication according to your specifications. The more complex and individual the product being fabricated, the more information we require. Our contacts at Service Fabrication will be happy to help you.