Orthoses and supports from Ottobock

Ottobock develops and fabricates high-quality orthoses and supports that can help you with specific complaints. On the one hand, these include orthoses to promote healing after injuries to ligaments, joints and bones. For users with permanent impairments, they can maintain functions and prevent or reduce pain. Generally speaking, the objective is for the products to effectively support and accompany therapy as directed by your doctor.

Ottobock works closely with prestigious O&P professionals, physicians and therapists to develop new products. Scientific studies document the effectiveness of these products. Their suitability for everyday use is also an important factor: skin-friendly materials, pleasant wearer comfort and practical handling make the orthoses easier for you to use.

Affected areas of the body

treatment with orthoses

Clinical symptoms & rehabilitation

There are many types of condition that may affect your body, with many types of symptoms. Take a look at our conditions page to see how we can help you.


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