Before the amputation

Patient talking to amputation experts

Preparing yourself for a planned amputation

You may have already known for some time that you are facing an amputation. Even though this knowledge is very hard to bear – you are not on your own in this difficult phase of your life. We want to help you prepare yourself for this step. Learn what happens when a leg is amputated, who looks after you and especially what happens afterwards.

Get in contact with experts

Something important that many do not know: You can have influence on who will be treating you. Your care team includes everyone who looks after you during and after the amputation. At the centre is your O&P professional who also does the coordination. It is important for you to be treated by specialists with plenty of experience with leg amputees. We provide you with information here so you can learn all about the general treatment process and the various tasks of everyone involved. Our list of experts helps you get in contact with the right specialists, and you can use our checklist to make sure you have considered all the steps.

Consulting of patient

Reasons for amputating

A leg amputation after an accident or a planned amputation due to an illness: Learn about the most common reasons for leg amputations.



Amputation levels

We show you the various amputation levels for transtibial and transfemoral amputations, foot and toe amputations or hip and knee disarticulations.


Fitting team

Fitting team

Doctors, nursing staff, O&P professionals and therapists: Find out who is part of the team that looks after you before and after an amputation, and what role each member plays within this team.


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