Prosthetic Liners

The liner acts as a sort of "second skin" between the movable soft tissue of the residual limb (muscles, tissue, skin) and the hard shell of the socket. This reduces movement and friction between the skin and prosthetic socket and therefore reduces the forces in the socket.

The liner connects your residual limb to the prosthesis, cushioning the sensitive skin on the residual limb and thereby alleviating problems such as pressure points. Selecting the right liner is essential in order to ensure the prosthesis fits well and is comfortable to wear.

Liners in the Caleo range

The elastic liners in the Caleo product range have a great fit and contain medical white oil. Thanks to the nourishing effect of the white oil, they are also suitable for residual limbs with dry, sensitive skin.


Liners in the Skeo range

The liners in the Skeo range are very durable. They stabilise even residual limbs with a high proportion of soft tissue.


Liners in the Uneo range

The liners in the Uneo range envelop even sensitive, bony or scarred residual limbs thanks to their soft, yielding material. This product range includes a large selection of liners with different characteristics.