Bringing colour into play: prosthetic gloves for children

Green today, and pink tomorrow

Whether they are affected by dysmelia or an arm amputation – children often come to terms with their missing limb more quickly than those around them. In the search for a way to express what makes them special, young ones in particular are often open to new things.

The green cover for the children’s electric hand may remind them of a favourite action figure, or the blue prosthetic glove could double as an amazing power hand. Small stories that can help stimulate the curiosity and interest of their peers in a positive manner. Help your child find the best possible place for themselves in our day-to-day world.

  • A wide range of colours and forms of expression offer scope and opportunities for this. You can choose from nine different colours
  • Covers in skin tones are still available in addition to the coloured prosthetic gloves for children; 18 different hues are available to choose from